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July 25th thru July 30th

Smooth Pappy’s Lonely Flash Sale

2pm - 8pm

Broken Halos Ink Studio

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July 25th thru July 30th

Smooth Pappy’s Lonely Flash Sale

Smooth Pappy’s Lonely without MamaG. Go hit him up for a $50 Flash tattoo. Plenty of designs to choose from. 

2pm - 8pm

Broken Halos Ink Studio

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We are old school and believe tattoos and piercings should be quoted by the piece.  No customer should have to worry or guess what their work will cost them.  We do not discriminate or judge. We provide a clean and welcoming atmosphere. No rock star attitudes or intimidation. We respect all other shops and artists and expect the same.

Tattoo Artist/Piercer


*101st Airborne Ranger*Disabled*Over 40 years as an artist in one form or another*All about the client and their art*Apprenticed in Las Vegas

Tattoo Artist/Piercer


Over 40 years experience in all art forms and mediums*Female Shop Owner*Apprenticed in Louisiana


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Broken Halos Ink Studio

HC 63 Box 8313 Duchesne, UT 84021 US

(435) 322-0984


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